About the MFOTY Program

Established in April of 1996, the 新未来APP Family of the Year (MFOTY) program was formed by the Mayor of the City of 新未来APP to recognize the diversity and richness of family life in 新未来APP. The program is led by a committee of volunteers in the 新未来APP Community.

MFOTY recognizes those families in our community that maintain exceptional traits, as well as support activities and programs which make the City of 新未来APP a great place to live. Our families and residents are the foundation of our community’s success, therefore we like to recognize them on an annual basis.

新未来APP Family of the Year Committee Contact Information: Email the 新未来APP FOTY Committee Chair

  1. Important Dates
  2. Eligibility Criteria
  3. 新未来APP FOTY Obligations

The winning Family will be announced in January of each year

Application Dates will be posted at a later date