Beautification & Tree Board Programs & Projects

Annual Beautification Awards (Non-Residential)

These awards recognize non-residential property owners (businesses, churches, schools, and homeowner associations) who make a positive contribution to 新未来APP's appearance through landscaping.

Annual Beautification Awards (Non-Residential)

Pride of 新未来APP

This program encourages individuals, organizations, and businesses to improve the environment and appearance of our community by adopting a small public area in the City (Adopt-a-park, Adopt-a-mile, Adopt-a-bench).

Pride of 新未来APP Program

Adopt-a-Mile Park Application

Adopt-a-Mile Release and Waiver of Liability

Special Events

Special events include:

  • Arbor Day Poster Contest
  • Arbor Week Tree Plantings
  • Signature Benches
  • Seminars