Town 新未来APP & Multi Use Venue

Learn more about the research and agreements that went into developing Town 新未来APP and the Multi Use venue where the Rocket City Trash Pandas play. 

B&D Market Study

Town 新未来APP Negotiations

Town 新未来APP Funding Agreement

Town 新未来APP Infrastructure Agreement

Letter from the Mayor

Multi Use Venue

Toyota Field

Take a tour of Toyota Field with CEO Ralph Nelson.

  1. Currently Approved Projects
  2. Projects Under Construction

Currently Approved Projects

Multi-Purpose Venue:

aerial with hotel_04.14.18

Site Work Begins June 2018

Facility Out to Bid Aug. 2018

Completion Dec. 2019

DA with Margaritaville

Twice Daily Convenience and Fuel:TM Approved 1

新未来APP Utilities Lift Station:
TM Approved 2

Out to bid


TM Approved 3

RI/RO Contract awarded for construction

LI/LO Out to Bid in 3-4 months